Embarrassing love story

He talks for what seems like is eternity probably only two minutes. It felt like I was drowning for a second and I began choking. When I got to his place, I was surprised to find his wife there, ready for the two of us to jump into bed for a threesome.

She started laughing hysterically as did I. You were between my thighs. We both had a little too much to drink. It was a few days before classes started and the room next door to her room was still vacant, so we went in there and proceeded," Dana explains.

It killed the mood for the night though.

6 embarrassing sex stories that will make you die a little inside

An unfortunate accident John, who is ironically a marriage, relationship and sexual coach, shares: Well, it turned out he lifted his head up just as I was kicking and I ended up breaking his nose. I got the can from the fridge and brought it to our dark bedroom, sprayed it all over her boobs and started to lick it off.

Tweet Pin As much hype and attention as we give it, sex is just another normal function of the human body ā€” which can only mean it has the potential to get pretty darn embarrassing.

It was all green from mold. Once we started using it, I realized I was really itchy and then all of a sudden I got all these lumps on the inside of my thighs, which kind of killed the mood, not to mention it was super-embarrassing. Another knock, then the sound of a key going into the lock.

It turned out he lived with his parents and while we were having sex on the couch, they walked in and his mom screamed. The looks on their faces were priceless.

It tasted funny and I thought that her skin chemistry was giving the whipped cream an off taste," says John. There was blood everywhere and he kind of freaked out. I had a queasy stomach all night long. When we finally did get around to actually [doing the deed], it was fantastic.

It's embarrassing sex story time! Funny stories revealed

By the time we got to his place and he was trying to get my bra off, I must have passed out in his bed! Not a good end to our night. I never did get my other sock back. If you have one to add, make sure you leave us a comment! My boyfriend and I were just getting warmed up, kissing and stuff and I decided to slide around from being on the bottom to being on top.

We removed our undies and he starts moving his hips back and forth, slowly and then faster and faster," recalls Laura. Whipped cream surprise "My wife and I decided to add a little spice to our love life by using some aerosol whipped cream. First time "One evening after a few drinks, this younger boy and I were lying on the ground with our pants off and making out.

I asked them to give us a few minutes ā€” I mean, what choice did they have?1. "I accidentally texted my choir teacher 'I love you babe' instead of my boyfriend." "My most embarrassing moment was definitely the time I accidentally texted my choir teacher 'I.

15 People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments Check out this month's Cosmo confessions. By Rori Kotch. "I feel like we just kind of. Almost everyone we know has a hilarious, embarrassing or downright awful sex story up their sleeve. Whether it was a one-night stand gone wrong or a first time in the sack that left something to.

Read the funniest and most embarrassing dating stories! Guys, I'm bright red. I talk to my husband on the phone all day--just little quick check-in calls while he's at work that always end in "I love you. 10 New Embarrassing Moments! "For winter break, I went up north to learn how to snowboard, and it turned out that my instructor was a major cutie, so I .

Embarrassing love story
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